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Tom Johnson

I am an experienced and accomplished real estate investor with a proven track record of successfully renovating and selling several properties. My expertise lies in identifying promising investment opportunities and turning them into profitable ventures.

Work Experience

Sales Consultant at Nu Style Home Improvements

During my tenure as a Sales Consultant at Nu Style Home Improvements, I honed my skills in understanding clients' needs and delivering solutions tailored to their requirements. I consistently achieved exceptional results, holding the top sales position by selling over $1.5 Million worth of products annually.

Managing Director at Offshore Solutions

As the Managing Director of Offshore Solutions, I led a team of highly professional web designers and developers, offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to medium and large businesses across Australia. My dedication to quality service for clients and providing advancement opportunities for employees contributed to the company's success.

CEO of Netwizard Design

As the current CEO of Netwizard Design, a competitive web development and hosting company, I play a pivotal role in the company's expansion to multiple offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Manila, Philippines. Under my leadership, we launched new products, including our popular SEO service, and prioritized profitability and employee growth while ensuring the delivery of top-notch services to our clients.

Franchise Owner at Mortgage Choice

In my current role as a Franchise Owner at Mortgage Choice, I am fulfilling my passion for helping business owners navigate and simplify the more complex areas of business finance. I understand that brokers that are used to helping PAYG customers obtain finance are not always knowledgeable regarding business structure and needs. With a strong background in property investment and a deep understanding of the mortgage market, I provide expert guidance and personalized mortgage advice to clients, ensuring they make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals.

Mission Statement

At Exceptional Property, our mission is to provide a trusted platform for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the real estate market. With my extensive experience and knowledge in property investment, I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding client expectations.


  • Identifying Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Renovations and Property Flipping
  • Cashflow Positive Investment Properties
  • Expert Mortgage Advice

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